Here you can register a team, with a group of friends or as an individual for the upcoming In2Touch leagues!!!

Team Registration
New and existing teams can register to play in an upcoming league or event.

Team Registration Form
; If you are clear that you have a committed group of players who wish to play, enter your team and all player details by following this link.

Individual Player Registration
New and existing players can register to play in an upcoming league or event.

Existing Player Registration Form
; If you are already registered with In2Touch and want to sign up to play in a new league or season, follow this link.

New Player/Ringer Registration Form; If you are a single player or a group of friends looking to be placed into a team, follow this link and enter your details.

(Each new player must complete the new play registration form. Once completed you'll be contacted by email, asking for any further details and then we'll start to find an appropriate team to assign you into. If teams have sufficient players, then you will be placed in a new team of individuals, just like yourself)